Check Out Five Short Clips From Hanna


We've seen the interrogation scene before, but everything else is fairly new — and now we can hear everyone's crazy accents. Does no one in this movie speak naturally?


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Malia Obama is Interning With Lena Dunham

She's been delivering coffee on the set of Girls, a glamorous job indeed.

Puzzle Master Will Shortz Played Ping Pong for 1,000 Days In a Row

The New York Times’ puzzle maker says the game brings order out of the chaos.

Bubba Watson to Paint Over Confederate Flag on his Original Dukes of Hazzard Car

Pro Golfer Bubba Watson will paint over the Confederate flag on one of the only original cars from the TV series.

Jimmy's Hall Wins You Over Honestly

It's more Footloose than The Wind That Shakes the Barley, but it has a complicated and serious subject.

Ava DuVernay Will Not Be Directing Black Panther, According to Ava DuVernay

This is official. 

The Sharknado 3 Trailer Gets Political, Sort Of

But does Vice-President Ann Coulter get eaten?

Jackie & Ryan Is Like Nicholas Sparks–Lite

The underdeveloped film seems to be missing an act, or two, or three, but the great music forms an uneasy glue to hold it all together.

New Video Shows Nic Cage As ’90s Superman

The film never came to fruition, but now we get to watch Cage wear the bizarre costume.

Zarafa Is Wise and Elegant, for Kids and Adults

How often do you see a children's animated movie that's this insightful about death and mourning? Not very.

Some of the Best Back to the Future Fan Theories

Did Doc Brown actually kill JFK? (Probably not.)

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