Odd Future Bring Their Destruction Tour to MTV


Blog-rap heroes Odd Future, down in Austin for SXSW right now, closed out MTV's college-music-celebrating Woodie Awards last night. Much like with their first national TV performance, the heralded Jimmy Fallon appearance, the crew went ham. Front man Tyler, the Creator started off the gig by shouting out Shake, presumably meaning the blogger from frequent OF target 2DopeBoyz.com, thereby giving the dude the most exposure of his life; then a midget, dressed up in Tyler's high-socks and ski-mask get-up, trotted out to lip-synch the opening verse from “Yonkers.” Eventually the rest of the Odd Future crew, plus a dude dressed like a chicken, ran out to generally spaz out, and the whole thing was way more fun than an MTV award show performance has any right to be. Anyway, things continue to accelerate for Odd Future: First Fallon, then Billboard covers and glowing New York Times reviews, and now a plum spot as the last act of the Woodie Awards (for the record, relative commercial titan Wiz Khalifa played this thing as well). Their fan base right now is still, we assume, made up almost entirely of music writers and television producers and stand-up comedians with well-read blogs. But that niche fan base is working overtime to make OF blow. [Complex]