Which Movie Characters Have Had the Most Epic Night Ever?


Take Me Home Tonight, in theaters today, doesn't only mark the return of Topher Grace. Much more important, it's the latest entry in the treasured One Crazy Night movie subgenre — which means today is a perfectly good time to ask: Of all the epic nights of mania we've seen onscreen, which has truly been the nuttiest? As in: Which movie characters managed to accomplish the most in their one night of madness?

To figure it out, Vulture went back through the subgenre's most prominent participants, tallying the number of activities in which the movie's main characters took part. The house rules: only things that happened during the actual night count (meaning much of The Hangover, as well as the most important bits of Sixteen Candles, don't apply). Also, with ensemble movies, we focused on the characters or group of characters that were most productive (e.g., McLovin in Superbad, Simon in Go). And while this is obviously extremely subjective, the rule of thumb for what would be an activity that counts toward your tally is, would it be something you would definitely tell your buddies about the next day, when recounting your epic night? Okay, to the scoreboard!