Paramount Is Giving Ben Schwartz Lots of Freedom with His Soapdish Remake Script


Here’s Ben Schwartz, who has been tapped to write the remake of Soapdish for Paramount, on the amount of freedom he’s been given with the script: “I will say that Paramount has been letting me do all these ideas and fun things that I have — which may have made you excited that I was writing it in the first place. They’re allowing me to do that. Which is great, because a lot of times when you have a big entity like that, you know they’re like, ‘No, no, we have to do it this way.’ But when I made my pitch, Paramount was totally cool, they totally got it. I’m writing it right now, which is fun. I’m also writing a movie for Universal, which is fun. So it’s exciting. I haven’t slept in fucking months.”