Vulture Premieres a Climactic Musical Segment From Skins’ Season Finale


It's been a strange debut season for Skins. A heady mix of anticipation and consternation met the British adaptation before its premiere; during its actual run, all the news was focused on the Parents Television Council's wild-eyed vendetta. Things wrap up for the show on Monday, and at some point after that MTV will have to decide about a renewal. Will it listen to New York Magazine's television critic, Emily Nussbaum, who wrote that "if the show continues down the path of the British series, it could turn into something queasily addictive, not despite but because of its cheerful amorality"? Will it bow to the mixed viewer response and make Skins a one-and-done? Will it bring it back just to piss off the PTC? (Yes, please!) While you're pondering the future, check out an exclusive, hella-dramatic clip from Monday's finale, in which Cadie and Stanley do Tears for Fears proud.

Bonus! Quickie take on the scene from Nussbaum: "This clip combines eighties nostalgia, Glee/American Idol trends, and the classic self-pitying NERD SUDDENLY WINS OVER AUDIENCE climax of every teen show, especially the famous Dawson's Creek episode where Katie Holmes sings 'On My Own.' Plus, crowd-surfing trust games. And split screens. So it's kind of the sine qua non of teen dork fantasias. I'm sure there must be other examples. And there's always a person in the audience gazing at the singer with sudden understanding, love, and arousal."