Randy and Evi Quaid Will Screen a Star Whackers Movie


Charlie Sheen isn't the only celebrity who's going to mine his increasingly unhinged paranoia for a live stage show: The Globe and Mail is reporting that Randy Quaid and his wife Evi — who've fled to Canada to avoid "star whacker" assassins that they've generously immortalized in song — will debut "An Evening With the Quaids" on April 22 at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver. The main attraction will be a Q&A with the couple and a screening of Star Whackers, Evi's unfinished documentary about their journey, which "stars Randy Quaid in three roles." ("This is a work in progress and highly experimental with nudity, adult language & content through out," Evi warns in a statement.) Why yes, there is a truly insane flyer for the production. How did you guess? [Globe and Mail]