Scenes From the Suburbs Trailer: Bicycles, Bullets, and Arcade Fire


Things already known about Arcade Fire's collaboration with Spike Jonze, Scenes From the Suburbs: It's 30 minutes long; it was written by front man Win Butler, his brother/bandmate Will, and Spike; and, if you were at the Berlin Film Festival, where it premiered, you might have already seen it. Now there's a new trailer for the project, revealing a bit more. Some of the scenes are familiar from Spike's music video for "The Suburbs," but there's enough new material here — including an ominous voice-over from Win that features such phrases as "When I think back about that summer, I don't think much about the army," plus a scene of a guy getting shot in the face at point-blank range — to stoke excitement levels. The trailer promises that the movie is "coming soon" to DVD.