See Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Face Tattoo in Motion


Well, the tattoo isn't technically in motion so much as it is still on Gucci's face. But Gucci — as seen in his new “24 Hours” video, off the upcoming album The Return of Mr. Zone 6 — is in motion. And if it's the first time you've seen him as such since the somewhat disheartening still photo of said ice cream face tattoo first surfaced, we've got good news: Gucci doesn't at all look like he's lost his mind! He looks a little tired, maybe, or bored, but not necessarily crazy. Anyway, the clip is ultra-low-budget hood footage done right. As a buxom lady in revealing clothing prepares drugs and a fellow in an adjoining room gets some ink, Gucci sits on his couch, intently jotting down the rhymes he is presumably spitting. The message is simple: “I'm on 24 hours / no shit, shave, or shower / until I get my money back, I gotta get my money up.” Later, Gucci whips through town in a bright yellow sports car, reaping in the bounty of his dedication. In other words: Work hard, kids!