Setup Trailer: Wait, How’d 50 Cent Talk Bruce Willis Into Doing a Movie?


Seriously — what is going on here? Ryan Phillippe we understand, but what kind of insane favors did Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson pull to get still-in-demand Hollywood actor Bruce Willis to be in one of his movies? (Namely, Setup, the trailer for which you see above.) Did 50 patiently explain to Bruce that his role would involve, almost exclusively, sitting in the back of a limo saying vaguely menacing things? Did he show Willis the rough cut of his "critically acclaimed" performance in Things Fall Apart? Did he promise to stop putting out Tony Yayo solo albums? Okay, never mind: The important thing is that 50 has apparently amassed a secret filmography so deep that the world will never be long without a new production; every few months, like some unheralded meteorological constant, for the rest of our lives, the trailer for another movie possibly funded by Vitaminwater royalty checks will appear for us to marvel and gawk at. Setup will become known as "the one with Bruce Willis." Accept it, and move on. (Last very important thing about this: At one point in the trailer Ryan Phillipe shoots 50. Right before he does it, he says "sorry, bro.") And, now, we have to apologize for showing you the best thing you'll see all day, this early in the morning.