Sick In The Head: The Apatow/Poehler Joint That Never Was


Last night Judd Apatow gave us a taste of what 1999 could have been like when he tweeted a photo of the Sick In The Head Cast: Amy Poehler, David Krumholtz and Kevin Corrigan in all their baby-faced late ‘90s glory. “Me with the cast of a sitcom pilot we shot in 99. Sick In The Head. Kevin Corrigan sent this to me. We had fun,” Judd added. Also featuring Kevin McDonald, Andrea Martin and Austin Pendleton, Judd reveals “it was about an inexperienced therapist.” Seems about right. How’d the world miss out on such a gem? “Came out great. Not ordered,” Apatow explained. Sick In the Head joined Apatow’s other snubbed pilots North Hollywood and Life On Parole, while his Undeclared and Freaks And Geeks got shut down after a season each. So much potential for hilariousness in those smiles. Also, so much wrinkled navy.