Singing Oscar Children Almost Drove Andy Cohen to Suicide


Why did the Oscars hire P.S. 22 — a children's choir known primarily for their interpretations of modern-day radio hits like "Lisztomania" — and make their shtick a moot point by asking them to sing the 72-year-old standard "Over the Rainbow"? To annoy Bravo's Andy Cohen, apparently. "There was a thing called Up With People in the '70s or '80s. Here's what: Oscar night is not about Up With People," the Bravo fixture complained today on Morning Joe. "Like, I don't need to see that. It was just bad. It was just awful. It was horrible. A public school chorus singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.' I, literally, if I wasn't gonna to go out to some parties, I would have slit 'em right then. It was the worst. I was looking for a knife to stick in my eyes, it was so terrible ... The end of the Oscars is — we don't want to see this. You just ruined everything." Andy Cohen, so angry right now! [City Room/NYT via Movieline]