The Smurfs Trailer: Katy Perry Isn’t Afraid to Work Blue


How do you prefer to see Katy Perry and Russell Brand: As a married celebrity couple that makes a weird amount of sense together, or as computer-generated creatures that move in with likable TV stars and turn their lives upside down? This year, you'll get both, since Brand's voicing the Easter Bunny that torments James Marsden in next month's Hop, while Perry's playing Smurfette opposite flesh-and-blood actors Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays in The Smurfs, out this August. The new trailer gives Perry a centerpiece moment as Smurfette's dress flies up over a wind-spewing grate, and while it's meant to evoke Marilyn Monroe in The Seven-Year Itch (which is obviously the favorite movie of 8-year-olds everywhere), all those salivating male Smurfs reminded us more of a very inappropriate conversation in Donnie Darko. [Deadline]