Snooki, Professional Wrestler


In what could be a synopsis of an episode of Jersey Shore, but is not, Snooki wrestled some tan girls with tight clothes and attitude problems in front of a large audience last night. Snooki, wearing a leopard-print blazer and booty shorts, guest-starred on WWE Raw, where she thrashed around like a headbanger while actually banging another woman’s head into the floor. Snooki had "teamed up" with the professional wrestler Trish Stratus, and at one point they, and the two women they were fighting, were basically all doing a very dedicated reenactment of the "fry Freshman bitches, fry!” scene from Dazed and Confused. If the floor at Karma were not covered in sweat, Ron Ron juice, and other bodily fluids, Snooks might just have found her next dance move. At the end of the segment, Snooki was challenged to another fight, so presumably we'll be seeing more of this. Four-foot-nine chicks do make the best wrestlers. [Guyism]