Somehow, Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke’s Collaboration Is Going Straight to DVD


Passion Play stars Mickey Rourke as a trumpet player in a relationship with a winged sideshow performer, played by Megan Fox. (See her spreading her wings for his viewing pleasure here.) It also co-stars Bill Murray as a gangster named Happy and is the film that prompted Rourke to give all those interviews praising Fox — she's "the most talented actress I've worked with," and nothing like that young co-star of his who "shits herself." With all of this to recommend it, Image Entertainment purchased the film at the end of the Toronto Film Festival, despite the fact that audiences had walked out and laughed during screenings. Alas, regular moviegoers will not have the same opportunity to guffaw at a Bill Murray–Mickey Rourke–Megan Fox love triangle on the big screen: Unfairly, the movie is going straight to DVD. [Movieline]