Vulture Streams Radiohead’s King of Limbs


Radiohead dropped their latest album, King of Limbs, back in February via a surprise web-only release. Tomorrow, in tribute to all those who cherish the days of liner notes and difficult shrink-wrap, the physical version of King of Limbs hits stores. But before then, Vulture has a stream of the whole thing, right here. Reviewing Limbs, Nitsuh Abebe wrote that "[There] are foggy ballads that will be moderately pleasing to people who like Radiohead to sound like Radiohead ... what's fascinating is what's going on with the rhythm section. Here, it sounds like it's been edited, warped, mimeographed, layered, and collaged; it clops along like a broken jazz combo, or shushes offbeat like a heart murmur. It's a neat development." Take a listen, and let us know what you think.