Super Trailer: Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page Are DIY Crime-Fighters


Donning a mask and beating up bad guys isn't just for $200 million tentpoles anymore, argues Super, the new dark comedy from director James Gunn. Like The Green Hornet with one-twentieth of the budget, Super stars a comedian ill-suited for crime-fighting spandex (Rainn Wilson) who realizes that to fulfill his potential, he should invent a superheroic identity and take on the city's seedy underbelly. Luckily, he's got a sidekick that might be more adept for this sort of thing — in this case, a bracingly gonzo Ellen Page, who torpedoes her disaffected slacker shtick with giddy shrieks and a willingness to get weird. Super comes out on April Fool's Day, which seems appropriate: The trailer sells all the laugh lines and Wilson's main comedic catchphrase ("Shut up, crime!"), but in the movie, the joke is on the people who have to put on masks to reveal who they really are. [Yahoo Movies]