The Art of Bromance, or Franco and McBride Make a New Friend


The fine, gooey line between homoeroticism and bromance blurs even more when James Franco and Danny McBride haze MTV’s Josh Horowitz while promoting Your Highness. I guess you’re setting them up by titling the show Male Bondage, but that can go so many different ways. Subjecting Horowitz to audible Academy-Award-winner farts, commanding him to “get his dick off the ground” while doing The Worm and pretending to jerk off in his face is just enough male camaraderie to distract me from McBride’s conspicuously missing mustache. What had happened to it? Josh Horowitz never had any friends later on like the ones he had when James Franco grabbed him from behind and rubbed his wiener all over his butt. Jesus, does anyone?