The American Idol Contestants Already Hate Their Luxurious Mansion


This season, American Idol producers promised that the contestants' living arrangements in a huge mansion would get more airtime on the show than ever before, but the briefly impressed Idol kids have already moved out and into the hotel. Why? Because the doors of the mansion kept flying open, which clearly meant there were ghosts. "Even though I'm a very logical person, it was a little disturbing for it to be 2:30 in the morning and the doors blow open and there's breeze and wind," Naima Adedapo told E! "I picked up this huge chair and put it in front of the door and it still blew open, so it was best to leave the house." James Durbin added that he saw a phantom limb: "I opened the door to the garage, I was trying to freak out Pia, and it freaked me out. I saw something white that looked like an arm." Are they sure it wasn't Paul McDonald's blinding teeth? [E!]