The Answers to the Tiebreaker Questions on Vulture’s Oscar Ballot


Apologies it took us so long to get to this (what with the Franco and Sheen of it all, we got a bit snowed under), but here are the answers to the tiebreaker questions on our Oscar ballot, for those in need. (Interestingly, as the results show, the Academy steered away from the obvious jokes, which, in retrospect, maybe wasn't such a good idea. Given the ceremony, an amputation joke probably would have killed.) Without further ado, the answers: "How many jokes will be made about James Franco’s soap-opera career?" One! By Sandra Bullock, when presenting the Best Actor award. ("James, you have so famously played such icons as James Dean, Allen Ginsberg, but forget all of that. You are the No. 1 reason children get picked up late from school because their mothers are watching you on General Hospital.") And, the answer to the tiebreaker tiebreaker, "How many references will there be to amputated arms?" Answer: None! There you have it. Hope you won!