The Cast of Spider-Man Performed on Letterman Last Night


Amid news of delays and rewrites and other calamities, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark keeps on plugging along. The latest bit of promotion came on Letterman last night, where cast members from the show — led by lead Spidey Reeve Carney and T.V. Caprio, who plays Arachne — performed a song called "Rise Above." (No connection to Dirty Projectors, we don't think.) The song — a big, whopping, arms-up, eyes-closed ballad — is extremely recognizable as having come from the pen of Bono, especially in the "aaaaaand youuuuu saiiiiiiid riiiiiise abboooooove" bit in the chorus, but the whole performance is much more low-key than you'd expect from something representing the most! expensive! Broadway show! of all time! to be. And truly stealing the show? Carney's incredible Spider-Man dress shirt. Will that be sold at the gift shop?