The Hangover Part II Trailer: Second Round, Same Drink


If it ain't broke, don't fix it? That seems to be the case with the full trailer for The Hangover, Part II, which dutifully re-creates the plot points from the first movie — but this time, in Thailand. Yet again, the Wolfpack's pre-wedding toast is ironic foreshadowing, as Bradley Cooper and Co. wake up in disarray the next day with the most expendable member of their party lost. (At least this time it isn't Justin Bartha, though he still seems to be sitting on the sidelines.) Yet again, they've got to piece together what happened to them the night before, and their quest involves Ken Jeong, public nudity, and shoot-outs. One upgrade? Instead of taking care of a baby, they've got a monkey this time. (As we keep insisting to you, everything is better with a monkey.) Time to upgrade your T-shirts, everyone!