The Hurt Locker Team Pushes to Have Lawsuit From Iraq War Veteran Thrown Out


Earlier this year, Master Sergeant Jeffrey Sarver filed a lawsuit alleging that Jeremy Renner's character from The Hurt Locker is directly based on him, and that he introduced the filmmakers to the phrase "the hurt locker." In a stern and direct rebuke, The Hurt Locker's director, Kathryn Bigelow, and screenwriter, Mark Boal, are now firing back, asking the judge on the case for a quick dismissal. In newly filed court documents, Boal contends that he interviewed over 50 members of bomb-disposal units and that Renner's character was based on a composite; he also lists 29 scenes that Sarver apparently could not have experienced and claims the phrase "the hurt locker" has been around since Vietnam. And right now, Tom Hooper is all like, "Man, am I glad that King George IV is dead." [AP]