The Kennedys Mini-series Needs a Sponsor


The much-maligned Katie Holmes mini-series The Kennedys found a network willing to air it, but now they need to find someone willing to sponsor the show in advance of its April 3 air date. So far, the ReelzChannel — which spent around $5 million on the rights to the series — hasn't found anyone willing to sponsor the screening. The film originally had a tie-in with Cadillac, but the car company pulled out when the series' original creator, the History Channel, passed on airing it. Says ReelzChannel CEO Stan Hubbard: "I've heard directly from big advertisers ... [who say] 'This is too politically hot, I can't risk polarizing consumers.' I'm not political, but has anyone said the Sarah Palin movie shouldn't be made?" Why'd you have to bring Sarah Palin into this?

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