The Media Betting on Charlie Sheen Dying Soon


Well, this is awkward. What happens when a famous celebrity goes off the very deep end? Media sources start shaking the death stick. In the case of professional crazy person Charlie Sheen, some news sites are already readying his obituary. "No one is wishing the worst but as a news organization for us not to be prepared for one of the biggest stories in a long time would be unprofessional," said one insider at CBS. It's fairly standard for news outlets to prepare obituaries for old or infirm celebs, but a newer trend to write ones for out-of-control younger stars. In 2008, the AP famously wrote a preemptive obit for a head-shaving, umbrella-wielding Britney Spears. And we're imagining there's one floating around for Lindsay Lohan somewhere.

Charlie Sheen's Obituary in the Works in Major Network Newsrooms? [Popeater]

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