Tim Heidecker On The Humor Of His Soft-Rock Jams


Over at Salon, Tim & Eric’s Tim Heidecker discusses his recent album Starting From Nowhere, and the inherent comedy of the soft rock tradition. “I never knew if it was just me and I just misunderstood the lyrics, but when John Mellencamp sings “Don’t need to look over my shoulder to see what I’m after?” Uh, what? What does that even mean?,” he muses. The creamy jams overflowing from Heidecker’s new joint are the result of his collaboration with T&E composer Davin Wood, i.e. they are songs that didn’t make the show. “Tim set up a little studio office in his house with a piano, and we had been working on a song, I think it was for Aimee Mann to sing for Tim and Eric,” Wood explained. “So during that session, we started messing around with this other tune (what eventually became “Weatherman”) and it made us laugh, but we knew it would never be on the show.”

While the album may not feature a cameo by Dhia Riha-Jones, rest assured that it is funny, just with a more mellow, boat-shoes-wearing kind of humor. “Although it might not seem that funny to a lot of people, it makes us laugh a lot,” Heidecker explains, citing their use of an applause track. “Everything is very staged, and that’s a conceptual bit. Like: how pompous and pretentious can we be by starting our first track with cheering and applause?”

So would Heidecker recommend Tim & Eric fans give their album a listen, despite the unlikelihood that they’ll walk away deeply disturbed and/or barely suppressing their gag reflex (like they like it)?  “You can enjoy it completely earnestly, you can enjoy it for the music, you can enjoy it for the humor, or you could ignore the humor and take me at my word: that what I’m singing about is honest and true,” Heidecker explains. To whit, The Grandest Canyon: