Victoria Jackson’s Trainwreck Gets In a Trainwreck


Comedians often play along the fine line between truth and hyperbole, eviscerating cliches and propagating bigotry. SNL alum Victoria Jackson careened over that line years ago, piloting a rocket-powered hovercraft controlled by the shifting weight and orientation of her gigantic hair bow. In an interview with CNN about Glee’s gay kiss, Jackson, or “Lady Gallagher” as I like to call her, seems completely unwilling, almost unable, to focus on the anchor and the questions at hand. “Secular humanism rules the airwaves,” Jackson explains when asked about teen boys smooching, later explaining “I’ve noticed that the liberal agenda is anti-Christ…I mean, anti-Jesus.” It takes a lot of mental dexterity to balance the twin beliefs that “The Muslims hate God and the gays hate his word,” and “I have gay friends and we love each other!” A lot of mental dexterity, and a devastating lack of humanity.