‘That’s Not My Face!’: A Montage of Body-Switching Reactions From Movies and TV


In Jake Gyllenhaal's new action flick, Source Code, which hits theaters Friday, his character Captain Colter Stevens is whisked into the body of another man, with the tricky mission of stopping a bomber set to blow up a train in Chicago. After Stevens's first body switch, he does the time-honored move for all those who find themselves with someone else's face: A slow, agog look into the mirror, fingers lightly dancing over this new skin and eyebrows, with the dawning realization that he's been Freaky Friday–ed. (In comedies, this most often occurs when facing the person — usually a parent or child — with whom the character has been switched. Simultaneous yells of horror follow.) Paying tribute to these double takes, Vulture presents a roundup of some of the great "WTF?! That's not my face!" moments. See them all in the video above.