Weezer Wrote Another Awesome Song for a Commercial


They just keep on churning 'em out! Weezer has now followed up their terrific jingle for State Farm with another surprising commercial appearance and another totally rocking song. This time, the lucky patron is something called the IZOD IndyCar series, and we only get 30 seconds worth of vintage, corporate-boosted Weezer. But what a 30 seconds! Not only are the dudes in red jumpsuits, on a race track, flinging around interesting-looking guitars, but the song they're playing — an epic ode to living your life to the fullest, possibly by attending IZOD IndyCar series racing events — just shreds. There are also appearances by people we assume are considered celebrities in the right room, and a guy excitably yelling "go, go, go, go." We only have one question: Doesn't IZOD make dress shirts? Anyway, enjoy. [Stereogum]