10 Possible Charlie Sheen Replacements Who Might Get Us to Watch Two and a Half Men


Charlie Sheen's been fired, but Two and Half Men has yet to call it quits, and the only way for CBS and Warner Bros. to keep their cash cow on the air is to find a suitable replacement for Sheen. Some names have already been bandied about (John Stamos, Rob Lowe), but we find these suggestions lacking the necessary ambition. Despite its wild popularity, Two and a Half Men is a truly mediocre sitcom, one that isn't going to become funny with the addition of just any old competent, non-drug-addled leading man. (Sheen wasn't writing this thing, after all.) No, for the show to become even incrementally more amusing, it needs to consider some outside-the-box candidates. We have ten suggestions for possible Sheen replacements, actors we think might elevate the show — or, at the very least, get us to tune in for an episode.

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