Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Kiss’ Best?


Okay, guys, bear with us: We've decided to put Glee back into the voting, because — as THATGUYV kindly reminded us — if they're the impetus for the poll, they should be in the poll. That said, we were so relieved that last night's Glee did not turn into the long-awaited-wait-not-really reunion between Will and Emma that we decided to honor Will's duet with Holly Holliday, a tango-ized version of the Prince song "Kiss." YouTube offered an international sampler of competing renditions: the so-called Burso Orchestra from, we think, Denmark; Altiyan Childs from the Australian X Factor; and jazz vocalist Tony DeSare performing in Tokyo. [Note: Tom Jones was disqualified. We will have no ringers in this fight.]

Watch 'em below and tell us who's best ... or at least, least bad.

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Altiyan Childs

Maybe "x factor" is a cultural thing?

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He looks like Taye Diggs, right? The one singing? Swoon.

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Burso Orchestra

Silly glasses! This is hilarious!

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Fantasia Barrino

Disappointed by the Queen of Soul, Fantasia settles for Prince.

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Tony DeSare

Smooth and funky.

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Will & Holly

Sexy, even in falsetto.