Whoopi Goldberg Super Blazed During 1991 Oscar Acceptance Speech

I’m not saying getting high will help you win the EGOT. I am just saying you’re going to win it anyway, so why not be extremely baked in the process? Apparently Whoopi Goldberg was high during her Oscar Acceptance Speech for Ghost in 1991. While recording a voice-over for the 1994 film The Pagemaster, Goldberg admitted to smoking a “wonderful joint” rolled from “the last of my home-grown” before taking the stage for her Best Supporting Actress win. Even more embarrassing, Whoopi was recording voice-over for The Pagemaster. You can check out Whoopi’s speech for the tell-take glisten, but really she holds it together like a pro. The mere fact that Goldberg didn’t scream “Are you a cop?” in Anjelica Huston’s disapproving face means she did better than I would.

Whoopi Goldberg Super Blazed During 1991 Oscar […]