Why ABC’s Body of Proof Looks So Familiar


Tonight, the new medical procedural Body of Proof premieres on ABC. It stars Dana Delaney as Megan Hunt, an emotionally withholding, former world-class neurosurgeon turned crime-solving medical examiner. If Hunt seems familiar, it's not just because she's a practitioner of TV's most popular profession. The character is like a grab bag of traits, a chunk of House's mercenary House here, a heaping portion of Bones's borderline-Asperger's-having Brennan there. Hunt even sports a tangerine-colored trench coat that Chuck Bass would admire and has had some bad surgical luck, à la ER's Mark Green (though Mark got to keep his medical license, and Hunt did not). To quantify what exactly Hunt owes her predecessors, we've made a handy pie chart.

Pie Chart

Photos: Courtesy of Fox (House, Bones); Courtesy of ABC (Castle, Alias, Grey’s Anatomy); Courtesy of CBS (CSI); Courtesy of NBC (ER); Courtesy of the CW (Gossip Girl).