Willow Smith’s New Video Makes a Very Small Amount of Sense


In the new music video for “21st Century Girl,” lots and lots of things happen. First, an elderly shaman-type, stuck in the middle of the desert and armed with little more than beads, a tiny guitar, and an iPhone, wills Willow Smith into existence. Then Willow Smith, armed with little more than magical sand, wills a butterfly into existence. Then Willow insta-changes into a new Technicolor wardrobe, briefly strums a guitar that’s way too big for her, runs with terrifying wolves, runs with her balloon-crown-wearing crew, digs up sneakers and skateboards and parking meters, and, for the big climax, pulls a whole cityscape out of the ground. To wrap things up, everyone dances in the streets and an even tinier child than Willow Smith gets her own magic-sand butterfly with which she will, one assumes, do wondrous things. It’s kind of reverse-apocalyptic, with a desolate scene eventually giving way to skyscrapers thanks to the sheer power of imagination. Or something?