Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg Are Collaborating on an Album


The soundtrack for Vulture-anticipated motion picture High School is "basically like me and Snoop’s album," Wiz tells Rolling Stone. "It’s me and him going back and forth on songs the whole time, so it’s a big deal.” That is a big deal! For the record, we are fully onboard with the new collaborative-full-length hip-hop spirit (Jay-Z and Kanye, but also Drake and Lil Wayne, supposedly). Wait, how about that movie? Wiz says: "It’s about pot, of course. But it’s about mine and his relationship. A spin-off of us being cool in the industry, smoking a lot of weed, being around a lot of weed. We’re going to try to have fun with it and also try to enlighten people at the same time, not just get everybody high.” Hmmm — that explanation, sadly, doesn't make it sound like Benjamin Franklin's bong will be involved. [Movieline]