See Adrianne Palicki’s Revised Wonder Woman Costume

Adrianne Palicki shuts down Hollywood Boulevard as the new 'Wonder Woman'. The actress donned a tight red and blue outfit for action scenes filmed through the night on the famous street. One scene saw her running through cars as she chased a villain. In another she picked herself off the street after being hit by a car.

Pictured: Adrianne Palicki

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Picture by: Richard Beetham / Splash News

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Photo: Richard Beetham/Splash News/????

When the first photo of Adrianne Palicki's costume for the NBC remake of Wonder Woman was revealed this month, it looked less like a superhero outfit and more like a Project Runway challenge gone awry, the kind of thing Nina Garcia would dismiss by sniffing, "Shiny, cheap, and tacky." Fortunately, it appears that the show's brain trust was responsive to criticism, as set photos leaked from an action sequence shot on Hollywood Boulevard last night show welcome revisions to Palicki's ensemble: She's now got red boots, and her pants are navy and no longer resemble bicycle shorts. Also a plus: Palicki is giving a discernible expression this time! (A minus: She still looks perilously close to busting out of that top.) Now, let's just hope that producers rethink the song choice that's supposed to accompany this introductory action sequence, Beyoncé's done-to-death, on-the-nose "Single Ladies."

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