Woody Allen: ‘Nobody Wants to See Two Septuagenarians Get It On’


Woody Allen wrote himself a small part in the Rome-set movie he'll shoot this summer, but it's the first time he's appeared onscreen since 2006. Why has he suddenly disappeared from his own movies? "I can't be the love interest any more," he tells the Guardian. "I can't play opposite Scarlett Johansson, it's not appropriate. So what can I do? I'd love to have a wonderful tour de force part with Diane Keaton but the problem ... doing what?" When told that audiences might like to see him reprise his chemistry with Keaton one more time, Allen demurs. "Nobody wants to see two septuagenarians get it on," he says. "People may say they do but they don't. They want to see Leonardo DiCaprio chasing after Scarlett Johansson. They don't want me flirting with Diane Keaton." [Guardian UK]