30 Minutes or Less Trailer: Jesse Eisenberg’s Special Delivery


Mark Zuckerberg's fearsome arrogance and sureness of self in The Social Network must have rubbed off on Jesse Eisenberg: Suddenly, the movies' most reliable neurotic has blossomed into a confident leading man. Just watch the new trailer for 30 Minutes or Less, and think of how the Eisenberg of old would have handled things! When shooting the shit with best friend Aziz Ansari, Old Eisenberg would have made self-deprecating comments about his lack of skills with women, but New Eisenberg instead brags that he banged Ansari's hot sister. Also, when his pizza-delivery boy runs into two thugs in monkey masks while on the job, the Old Eisenberg would have immediately cowered in fright, while New Eisenberg zings them and stands his ground ... that is, until they strap a bomb to his chest and force him to rob a bank in nine hours. Still, it looks like our Adventureland wuss icon is finally growing up. (Don't shed a tear for him; he's too hardcore for that now.) [IGN]