A Book of Mormon Movie Is Pretty Much Inevitable


Tickets for The Book of Mormon are both expensive and difficult to come by, with the Broadway show sold out well into the summer already. But it sounds like it’ll get much easier to see Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s super-popular musical, at least on a long enough timeline, as they’ve been discussing adapting it into a movie with producer Scott Rudin.

No concrete plans are set up yet, and no studio is attached, but all involved say it’ll happen sooner or later. Getting the cash to make it shouldn’t be tough, according to Parker: “We’ve learned in our careers that as long as something is successful, they will give you money for it. They just want to make money in Hollywood, they don’t really care. As long as the musical continues to do well, I don’t think it’s going to be hard at all.” And with it doing about as well as a musical can do, especially a musical that pokes fun at Mormons, it’s safe to say that this one will make it to the big screen before too long.