Abduction Trailer: Taylor Lautner Roundhouse Kicks His Way Past Twilight


Doesn't it seem like light years ago that people were speaking of Taylor Lautner as a hot commodity? Technically, of course, he still is: Abduction, his first big solo project, hasn't yet been released, and therefore, by the laws of the universe, cannot have yet flopped. But even with a teensy bit of separation from his money-gobbling franchise (Twilight: Eclipse dropped all the way back in the middle of last summer), imagining the, let's say, underarticulated Lautner as a movie star can be a tough sell. Then again: Nobody ever gave Arnold Schwarzenegger money for his diction, and if Lautner wants to step up and be that next action hero guy — as all the running and jumping and punching and kicking and exploding and passionate-making-out-in-moving-trains and delivery-of-ridiculous-lines-with-straight-faces exhibited in the Abduction trailer would suggest — we're all for him giving it a try. We also don't mean to come down so hard on the clip. This is a fully enjoyable two and a half minutes, punctuated by one scene we can't quite recall ever seeing in movie before: FBI agents show up to the house to investigate an ostensibly suspicious person, and then have their asses beat by ostensibly suspicious person's parents. Get 'em, Maria Bello!