Airplanes and Cars May Finally Get the 3-D Movies They’ve Always Needed


3-D technology company MasterImage 3D, which recently received a $15 million investment from Samsung, is thisclose to signing deals with unspecified airlines and auto-makers, aiming to add glasses-free 3-D screens to cars and airplanes, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Apparently there's "a great deal of interest" in movies that pop out at you while you're jetting through the stratosphere or trying to find an exit on the highway, according to Roy Taylor, GM of MasterImage, whose technology already allows viewers to watch 3-D movies without glasses on in movie theaters or on portable devices. He estimates that it might be about two years before 3-D movies become a part of the airplane experience. We were all ready to call this "a potential lawsuit" and "a dangerous and/or scary idea," but, eh, whatever distracts us from our fear of flying is fine by us. Just pass us the Xanax while we zone out on Tron: Legacy again. [HR]