Anna Faris Makes It Count In What’s Your Number?


I am so charmed by Anna Faris in the What’s Your Number? trailer that I will look past the egregiously unnecessary voice-over (“Is it possible….that I’m not going to topple over a balcony in this heinous bridesmaid’s dress?”). As soon as you find out that Faris’s Ally faked a terrible British accent for an entire relationship, all is forgiven. “I went full Borat,” she laments. Desperate to keep her bone buddy count equal to or less than 20, Anna’s charisma and promising dialogue is enough to enliven a plot based on the Victorian moral code and delicate sensibilities ascribed to all men in most rom-coms. Also, hello, whatever happened to just bold-faced lying about your sexual partners? Doy. Of course, having Chris Pratt, Andy Samberg, and Joel McHale stop by as a veritable parade of regrettable exes doesn’t hurt either. I mean, casting Thomas Lennon as a forgetful gynecologist just guaranteed I’ll see this in theaters.