Another Earth Trailer: Meet Sundance Success Story Brit Marling


Gwyneth Paltrow used to be informally known as the muse of Miramax, and it looks like new discovery Brit Marling might serve the same purpose for Fox Searchlight. Marling starred in and co-wrote two films at Sundance this year, Mike Cahill's sci-fi drama Another Earth and Zal Batmanglij's thriller Sound of My Voice, and while Searchlight picked up the former during the fest, the deal for the latter closed this week, giving the studio a pair of Brit Marling movies to promote. Another Earth is up first, and it complicates an already very complicated romance (Marling's character falls for William Mapother, despite the fact that she secretly killed his family in a drunk-driving accident) with one out-of-this-world wrinkle: A second Earth is discovered, containing a doppelgänger for each person on the original version. That's right: You're just getting to know Brit Marling, and already it looks like there's two of her.