Do You Miss Simon Cowell More than Ever?


Surprise, surprise: On last night's American Idol, the judges liked ... everyone (well, everyone but Haley Reinhart), making this yet another week of near-unanimous approval from the "experts." Over at EW, Owen Gleiberman argues that the judges' niceness is to blame for Pia Toscano's early exit and that all J.Lo, Randy, and Tyler's positivity isn't "enhancing anything. They’re just blurring the line — between the good and the not-so-good, between the performers we like and the ones we love." Is Gleiberman right? Does the show (or the forthcoming Christina Aguilera–Adam Levine hosted The Voice, which is sure to be overly kind as well) need a critic, someone who can fill the Simon Cowell role and point out flaws to the masses, to keep the best in the competition? Or will the audience be able to sort it out for themselves?