At Times, Julian Casablancas Fears a Coup


Yesterday, word got out that the Strokes were already back in the studio, leading Vulture to imagine all new heights of cuddliness between the famously touchy band members. Today, Julian Casablancas re-sets the record straight about the band's internal relations. Here is his latest hilarious quote, arguably his most hilarious to date: "It's hard for me sometimes because I do feel like people if they could would stab me to get to the top. I'm kidding of course … that's why the whole 'friend' thing is hard for me. We do interviews and they point the finger at me. They're my such good buddies that everything is my fault. We should have called the album 'Frenemies.'" So, that's the conclusive final take, then? These dudes are frenemies? Everyone cool with that? [NME]