Charlie Sheen Is a One-Woman Man Today


Charlie Sheen sometimes believes he has everything: beautiful women, a recreational drug habit, legions of fans, and some other stuff. But the one thing he seems unable to permanently pin down is Bree Olson, the erotic-movie star who walked into Sheen's life several months ago during a bender at the Palms Casino Resort and has walked all over his heart ever since. Olson was unsure of the relationship from the get-go: "She thinks there is more," a source said, when Sheen first began courting Ms. Olson. "But she doesn't understand why he doesn't get serious with girls." In March, just when Sheen needed her most, Olson walked out on him — leaving him admittedly "sad" — before returning the next day. Now after agreeing to accompany him on his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour, Bree dumped him yet again. "The actor kicked off [his Ft. Lauderdale show] by revealing that one of his goddesses, Rachel 'Bree' Olson, had broken up with him via text message," according to the New York Post. Sheen later admitted he's handling multiple women at once "not well," and he's down to only one goddess. He's already eyeing a new girl, though: He invited Lindsay Lohan to hang out with him for 24 hours. "I would hug her and let her know it's gonna be okay," he said." Now that would be a couple. [NYP]