Britney Spears Songwriter Heather Bright: Pop Stars Get Co-writing Credits for Doing Nothing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MARCH 27: Britney Spears attends "Good Morning America's" Taping Performance At Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on March 27, 2011 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Max Morse/Getty Images) Photo: Max Morse/2011 Getty Images

Heather Bright, a veteran pop songwriter who contributed to Britney Spears's Femme Fatale, wrote a blog post defending Spears from those criticizing her for not having any co-writing credits on the new album, and — perhaps accidentally! — made an interesting claim. Take it away, Heather:

I would just like to address one thing! The media is talking trash about how Britney didn’t write any of the songs on her album … HELLO! Wake up everybody! NONE OF THESE ARTISTS WRITE THEIR OWN SONGS!!!!!! (there are a few exceptions … lady gaga,, chris brown is starting to write a lot of his own stuff … ummmm … and now I’m running out of artists). Anyway … here’s my thing … and I feel VERY passionate about this issue. Britney could have come to me, like all these other A-list artists, and said …

"Hey, you wanna be on my album? I’m gonna need writing credit for that song AND part of your publishing even though I didn’t write anything! And then I’m gonna go on tour and gross $150 million in ticket sales and not give you any of that, even though I’m performing your song!”

I could rattle off a laundry list of artists who I’ve had that conversation with! And I’m on the other end like … “Oh okay … so you wanna rape me, but just with the tip?!” *Prince side eye* Britney’s one of the few artists I’ve worked with who didn’t try to take something that wasn’t hers. In my experience, from a business standpoint, her entire team is nothing less than a bonafide class act!

ONTD also points to a recent interview with Bright where Justin Bieber is specifically called out for getting a songwriting credit on the Bright-penned "Somebody to Love." (Bright: "Umm ... How did he get a writing credit on it? ... That's an interesting question. I don't know. (laughs)")

Of course, Bright's not in every studio session; she can't say for sure that Katy Perry didn't come up with "do you ever feel / like a plastic bag." But it's also not far-fetched to imagine domineering pop stars demanding credit — as a boost both to their finances and their reputation — on tracks they had minimal input on. So is Heather Bright the Jose Canseco of the pop-songwriting world?! Is Justin Bieber a pop criminal?!! Is something something worse than the other two things something something?!!! At the very least, it's yet one more reason to respect Britney: She's no thief.

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