By the Way, the Record Industry Is Still Suing for Music Piracy

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They might have stopped suing individual people for illegally downloading music, but the record industry isn't done trying to recoup some of the bundles and bundles of cash they've lost since the glorious advent of the MP3. In a lawsuit now active, labels are targeting LimeWire, which they say was the most popular file-sharing program — and they're actually catching some breaks. The judge in the case has just ruled that LimeWire would theoretically be responsible per each song downloaded, not just per album, meaning LimeWire's theoretical damages would be in the billions. Which is a good thing, because according to a trial brief, "There has been a $55 billion decline in record industry revenue over the last decade." But LimeWire doesn't actually have billions of dollars with which to pay the record labels, right? [THR Esq./HR]