Channing Tatum Will Not Play Peter Pan in His Peter Pan Movie


When news broke that Channing Tatum was pitching a revisionist Peter Pan movie, our minds went straight to the Chan man in Kelly-green tights and an elf cap. Well, no such luck. Vulture caught up with the actor last night at a screening of Earth Made of Glass, a Rwanda documentary that he produced with his Step Up co-star and wife, Jenna Dewan. (The film premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on HBO2.) When we asked Tatum what was up with the Pan project, he said, "I actually cannot lift the hood too much on that, other than to say that Billy Ray, one of the best writers in the business, is busy scribing away.” But you will play Peter Pan, right? “Nope. Not Hook, either.” The film, apparently being eyed by Sony, is rumored to be a prequel that imagines Peter and Hook as brothers. So does this mean Tatum isn't taking a lead role? Can he give us anything else? "It will get leaked somehow, but not by me, not yet.” For now, we'll imagine him as Tinkerbell.