Charlie Sheen in ‘Discussions’ About Two and a Half Men, According to Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen, who is increasingly behaving like a dog with his tail between his legs, went on a radio show last night in Boston to talk about his future on Two and a Half Men and imply that he may have one. "There've been discussions," he said, "but I was asked not to divulge anything." Look at Charlie Sheen being circumspect! He must really need the money. Sheen also claimed on the show that he would have stopped acting like a jerk if they had just asked him to: "Had they told me at the end of Season 8 that that behavior wasn't going to be cool, I would have adjusted it." Because until your bosses tell you to stop going on drug binges and cursing them out, how would you know that was inappropriate behavior? [Deadline]