Claire Danes Looks Super Intense in Homeland


Showtime has released a teaser for Homeland, starring Claire Danes's quizzical expression. That is one furrowed brow, lady. Danes stars as Carrie Anderson, CIA agent with the mostest, who is apparently the only person who suspects the recently rescued Damian Lewis is actually now a double agent. Watch as a pensive, bearded Lewis stares at his reflection and starts to shave! He's basically a 24 version of Richie Tennenbaum.

The show looks exciting enough — if you like Claire Danes being intense, and what's not to like about that? — and it sounds exactly like Battlestar Galactica. Homeland's hardly alone in adopting the ethereal moaniness motif, though: Last week's episode of The Killing featured a similarly lonesome, haunting soundscape. Listen and compare: